My Name is Sai, Hi!

I am originally from Mexico, an awesome beach town with mild weather year-round and “windy winters”. During my childhood, I was allergic to many different things, I was having allergic reactions From food and medications constantly and during our windy winter season, I started developing bronchitis every year, they became increasingly worse every year until I started developing broncho-pneumonia, which led to me having to miss school often. Because of all these health issues, one day, a severe allergic reaction sent me to the hospital, arriving minutes before dying, that changed my life forever.

I am a very lucky person to have been born in the family I was in, both my parents were strong-willed and positive people, even though neither one of them is still alive, their example is alive in me. I also have an awesome Aunt that shares her insights with me as well, keeping me grounded and thankful for all the people in my life. My mom being who she was, she fought and did everything she could to get me healthy and on the path to a positive life.

I graduated from college and not long after I met my now ex-husband. I thought I was living a happy life during our marriage, and we decided to have children. It was difficult for me to conceive, so we sought out help, and we were blessed with twin baby boys, and I finally thought I had my happily ever after! However, it was not the same for the father of my children and eventually, we divorced.

I was sad and felt at a low point in my life, I was alone in a foreign country with twin baby boys that needed me, and I had a job that was just enough to pay the bills. During this time of sadness and sorrow, my mom was my beacon of light that kept me on the positive path. My mom was the positive force that drove me forward. To keep strong, I poured all my energy into my baby boys always looking to move forward and keep on a positive path for myself and for my baby boys. It was then that I started on my mindfulness journey!

Today I now live in a wonderful house, with awesome mountain views, my boys are almost 11 years old, they are going to a great school, I have a good relationship with my ex, and we are able to coparent successfully … Today, I can say my journey is ongoing, and my life is thriving in so many ways and I am so happy I am able to share it all with you.